What You Will Need to Know About Health Screening

Health screening is an increasing trend in the corporate world providing workers with greater quality of health. The medical care programs as part of employee wellness are executed through health screenings, immunization and spreading awareness on health issues and increasing medical costs. The screening encourages workers to go for a lifestyle change and detect any threat that the worker might endure, heart check, stroke and obesity. The screening takes only a couple of minutes and the workers could receive their results within minutes of the screening. A health professional offers counseling for the employees and post-screening on possible health issues. Screenings are performed in businesses to discover specific health risks. Usually, a health screening involves the following

  • Urine test
  • Lung function
  • A complete medical evaluation
  • An overview of your lifestyle
  • The balance between your height, weight and BMI
  • Blood pressure measurement and testing of blood
  • Hearing test
  • Tests for eyesight
  • X-ray

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Other forms include body mass index, screening of bone density to detect any case of osteoporosis, vision checks, mammography for keeping in check chance of breast cancer and other health screenings based on the demands of workers. Investment in employee wellness programs and screenings are significant and has positive outcomes. The best health screening package singapore bring benefits to the workers in addition to the companies providing the health programs. A work force with higher productivity increases the longevity and success of a business organization. Health screenings are the best initiatives that the company can take to secure and preserve the health of its workers.

Along with other Employee wellness programs that appeal to stress management, fund management, connection management, family and other issues, health screening make employees understand the needs of the bodies. These screenings help the workers to make the necessary modifications as recommended by the outcome of the screenings and professional advisors and physicians. Healthy workers will enjoy a diminished premium on medical insurance. Employee wellness programs, through their health screenings, encourage a healthy lifestyle among the workers and reduce the psychological stress they undergo for the increase in medical price. Health screenings offer an assortment of answers for the medical care initiatives and requirements in light of the particular health needs of a worker. Screenings help the workers in leading a healthy, profitable and more productive life.