Organic Produce Delivery in Seattle

Organic Produce Delivery in Seattle

Growing up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I was privileged to enjoy an abundance of health foods and organic food stores. Perhaps most abundant in the Seattle, Washington or Portland, Oregon areas, these food suppliers provide the general public with ready access to wholesome, organic food products. For anyone living in or around the Seattle area, here is a list of several organic food providers who offer home deliveries.

New Roots Organics: Offering top quality organic products of varying types, this Seattle based organic food distribution company guarantees deliveries to all customers within a 50 mile radius of the city. New Roots does not, however, deliver to PO boxes, which makes this company not ideal for most college students. Delivery days for this company are dependent upon the exact area around Seattle that a customer lives in, and a delivery schedule can be found here. New Roots Organics distributes produce grown mostly in Washington, Oregon, or California, but sometimes will include organic food from Mexico as the seasons dictate. Since all foods from this company are guaranteed fresh, only in-season items are distributed. Customers can choose a variety of different sized produce orders for delivery, with the minimum order size set at $25 (a great deal for fruits and vegetables for a family budget). While all New Roots Organics products must obviously be pre-ordered, customers can cancel orders before delivery whenever they wish. Additionally, even though most New Roots packages are pre-selected for customers based upon the seasonal produce, customers can view the “menus” for the week and make some substitutions for certain items if they desire.

Spud (Your Local Food Movement): Although not exclusive to the Seattle area, Spud is another great organic food delivery company that caters to the Seattle region. Spud differs from many other organic food providers in that it also offers cooked items (such as bakery foods) in addition to their raw produce. Delivery times are dependent upon the particular area of Seattle that a customer lives in, and while there is not minimum order limit for Spud in general, there is an area-dependent order minimum for customers if they wish to qualify for free delivery. One of my personal favorite items offered through Spud is their organic soy yogurts-a great alternative to the regular dairy options. ongkir Bandung Surabaya

Sunshine’s All Naturals: Nearly all of Sunshine’s products are grown in locally in Washington State, and all products fall into the organic category. While Sunshine still offers produce similar to Spud or New Roots, this company still has their own unique take on providing organic food for all ages. In fact, one of Sunshine’s unique food delivery options is that of “lunchboxes.” These pre-packed, all organic lunches are available in a variety of sizes (ranging from $6-$8) and are the perfect option for keeping your children munching on all-natural goodies. Sunshine requests that orders are made to a $50 minimum and charges $5 per delivery; deliveries are made to a time schedule dependent upon whether the deliveries are to a home or office, and Sunshine will delivery to most of the surrounding areas of the city of Seattle-including Kent, Redmond, Kirkland, and Issaquah. For a list of supported delivery zip codes, check out here.